Beginner I Schedule
Cross Country Dancers

Welcome to Beginner 1 Class.
Week One we teach two or three dances, Then each week we will review what we learned the week before  and teach one or two more. This is the tentative schedule, Subject to change.
( L ) = Line Dance,       ( P ) = Partner Dance

Classes start Tues. Feb. 18, 2003 at 7pm

Haunted Heart  (L)  
Madly off in all Directions  (L)                               
Mambo # 5 (P)                                              
CC Hustle (L)
Sex On The Beach (L)
Beer For My Horses (L)
County Line Cha Cha (L)
Seminole Shuffle (P)
All Shook Up (L)
Down & Dirty (L)
Cowboy Boogie (L)
Blue Rose (P)
On Your Own (L)
Dutchess Hustle  (L)
El Paso (P)
Horseshoe Shuffle (L & P)
Waltz Across Texas (L)
Horsin Around (L)
Break Away (L)
Scrap It (L)
Enchantment (L)
Chatahoochie (L)
Rocket (L)
Country Walking (L)
Bump N Grind (L)
Ski Bumpus (L)
I Spy (L)
Cowboy Rythm (L)
Alissa's Waltz (L)
Scrap It (L)
Tennessee Walk (L)
Progressive Cowboy (L)
Sleazy Slide (L)
Reggae Cowboy (L)
Boot Scootin Boogie (L)
Rolling Home (L)
Charleston Bump (L)
Walkin Wazee (L)
CC Hustle (L)
Watermellon Crawl (L)
Wooden Nickel (L)

Beginner I Schedule

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