Beginner II Schedule
Cross Country Dancers

This Class has been Canceled

Welcome to Beginner 2 Class.
Week One we teach two or three dances, Then each week we will review what we learned the week before  and teach one or two more. This is the tentative schedule, Subject to change.
( L ) = Line Dance,       ( P ) = Partner Dance

Smooth Attitude (L)
Down on the Corner (L)
Mambo for 2 (P)
Six Pack Summer    (L)                             
Break Away (L)                      
Dizzy (L)
Don't Rock the Jukebox (P)
Bump-N-Grind (L)
Steppin Out (L)
Wooden Nickel (P)
Wrapped Around (L)
Enchantment (L)
Island Station North (P)
Jamaica Mistaka (L)
Rivers of Babylon (L)
Wishful Thinking (L)
Sugar Sugar (L)
Sexy Tractor (L)
Sidekick (P)
Butterfly Waltz (P)
Shooter (P)
Poor Boy Shuffle (L)
Dirty Talkin Tequila (L)
Warrior (L)
She Bangs (L)
Cherokee Kick (L)
Jai Du Boogie (L)
Rivers of Babylon (L)
Cruisin (L)
All Shook Up (L)
Rings (P)
Pizzarico (L)
Dixie Lullaby (L)
Country Rhumba (P)
Trickle Trickle (L)
Beer For My Horses (L)
Suicide Blonde (L)
Montana (L)
Southside Shuffle (L)
Walk the Line (L)
Tennesse Twister (L)

Beginner II Schedule

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